Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Serving Primary Color Realness: Red Ain't Dead

What Did You Say: John Fairchild

"I have always dreamed of starting a publication called simply FUN. How do others enjoy themselves? I supposed FUN has something to do with lifestyle (although I hate that word). The only way I can explain my idea of fun is to talk about myself. Then it gets boring when about oneself so I can only have fun talking about other people. They are really the only ones that give joy to our lives and without these friends and the others around us, we would be a sad lot indeed.
So here goes. Let's try and have some fun together as we travel here and there through a lucky and colorful life. But I am not going to dissect myself like I have others simply because that would be boring. I might have a big ego, but I don't like using the word "I" so let's avoid any type of autobiography. Instead we can jump all over the place without a beginning and I hope without an end for a little while. As one wise man once said, the beginning and the end of someone's life are not as interesting as the middle part of a life. And to be truthful, the beginning and the end are really of no importance anyway."