Saturday, November 28, 2009

Screening Room: GI JOE THE MOVIE (Intro)

Musical Intermission: Kylie Minogue "Slow"

Mural Series # 5: Henry's Bedroom

painted a mural on my nephew Henry's bedroom wall over Thanksgiving.  was a treat to see his face when he first saw it - big smile and laugh.  the best response you could get.

Erin O'Connor & Karen Elson by Steven Meisel

Cool Beans

Vuitton Girls

Random Haha

Street Fashion

Who Knew?

Snapshot: A Very Young Kate Moss in Paris

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bridget Hall (2009)

here is the Bridget Hall painting i based off of that Steven Meisel portrait.  added this quote about her by Stephane Marais from this 1994 Vogue profile of Ms. Hall where he basically sums her up as this classic beauty amongst a sea of trendy faces.  which is funny since today it's rare to get a girl who can seemingly last more than a few seasons before a new face captures our attention.
it took me awhile i think to get this painting right for me - i guess you have those preconceived notions in your head as to how the painting should turn out and sometimes it takes a different path.  which can never be a bad thing.  at some point of the process you gotta let yourself go and just see the work come to life.  and most times, like with Ms. Hall, it can turn out quite nicely.  

New York, November 8, 2009

it was a really amazingly beautiful day in NYC so i tried to make the most of it.  spent the day roaming around the Bowery and Soho and managed to catch the Urs Fischer exhibit at the New Museum.  i'd recommend seeing it just to have the chance to see art in that non traditional setting.  it's sometimes good to see work that way - you realize that there can be art beyond the canvas and wall space.  and on a superficial sidenote, i picked up some cool Elizabeth Peyton buttons from the gift shop which i'll make a point to display on my jacket lapel from now on.
it was also a really great day for people sighting - they all kinda came out of the woodwork.  perhaps the highlight was seeing Ms. Grace Coddington sweep past the lunch crowd of Veselka (and i thinks she might've noticed me mouth quite excitedly "OMG that is Grace Coddington!" like an awestruck groupie).  all in all a good day.  even though NYC can beat and grind you into a mindless, workaholic wreck all week, she can still manage to turn on the charm and beauty and just bring you all back into her arms.  i guess what more can you ask for?