Saturday, November 7, 2009

Food for Thought: The Age of Reinterpretation

i had an interesting conversation tonight about the world of popular culture that we live in nowadays.  i think we can safely say that pretty much everything has been done already, no?  for fashion, i think that is a definite sure thing.  how much more can you say about a dress or a pair of pants?  there is only so much in the vernacular that you can.  but what keeps it interesting is how you anticipate the ebb and flow of culture and reinterpret those changes to fit the current mood.  maybe it really is picking up what is in the air and reinterpreting the archetypes set before us that keeps everything seem fresh and new.  music, fashion, movies, television - everything in the popular zeitgeist - it's all a reflection of the current state.  nothing new - just reinterpretations.  strange but sometimes does summing up something in something so simple and perhaps obvious make it easier to understand what we do?  maybe.  but i guess right now i'm just thinking that maybe there really shouldn't be a pressure to try to be new or reinvent the wheel but just be aware of what is around you and been done before and just be clever enough to know when to pick up where something has left off ....  

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