Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Icon: Ray Petri

the new issue of Arena Homme Plus is devoted to the style of the Buffalo posse and its sartorial founder, the late Ray Petri.
i wasn't that wholly familiar with what Buffalo was exactly to be honest - i just thought it was an area in London that coined the term.  i was familiar with the names mentioned as part of the 'posse' (Talisa Soto, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, a really young Naomi Campbell) but wasn't entirely sure how they all figured together.  but what i eventually learned about was the amazing mixup mash masculine street style that Ray Petri created that really gave a strong push in fashion, music, and youth culture.  it was that post modern mix of high and low, masculine and feminine - using all the archetypes of masculine style but twisting them enough to make it look entirely new.  Mr. Petri used a real mix of models (teenagers with ethnic, exotic mixes) that predated the upcoming wave of waifs and 'real people as models'.  magazines like ID and The Face captured the look of Mr. Petri's Buffalo posse with beautiful but boldly stark editorials and stylings.  Mr. Petri collaborations included those with Jean-Paul Gaultier and Neneh Cherry, whose song Buffalo Stance is a sort of ode to the Buffalo culture of Mr. Petri.

“The song is about our gang, our time and our mentor, Ray, who is still behind every word and every melody,” says Cherry. “Buffalo meant classic. None of us were into here-today-gone-tomorrow fashion, which is why we gravitated toward each other. Ray was always consistent, and he taught us that we shouldn’t be afraid to be honest.”

here is a great article written by Armand Limnander about Ray Petri

and some amazing images for your eye candy

and who could not love Buffalo Stance

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