Sunday, December 6, 2009

Angel Came Down From Heaven Yesterday

one of the most beautiful and poetic editorials i've probably ever seen: the "Angel" story from Harper's Bazaar, December 1993.  shot by Peter Lindbergh and starring Amber Valletta, it had this amazing cinematic quality that goes beyond a fashion editorial.


eleanna said...
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portraitsofelegance said...

you have no idea what this post means to me. i remember being about 8years old when my mother, the most chic,elegant,aristocratic but also trendy fashionable person, i am not exaggerating,(my style icon) was telling me about that editorial. i was on the carpet playing with my favorite ponies(i've never really liked barbies!)when i left my toys, climbed to the sofa,smelled her coffee(latte ness cafe we call it in greece),and i saw her, looking at that model with the wings.i asked her what does this mean?is she a real angel?what is she doing?and she touched my head, and she told me "this is you when you grow up".. i cannot forget this moment. i believe from that moment, without knowing i loved elegance and true style. i am also a blogger(writing about my profession as a wedding planner and my feelings about fashion and elegance)and i wanted so much to find this editorial and make it my first post. thank you for finding it for me. i will post it soon, mentioning of course you
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