Sunday, October 11, 2009

Madison Square Park, October 11, 2009

i normally ever don't get a chance to walk around and enjoy New York City.  it's one of those weird things about living here.  i don't consider myself a New Yorker really (been here about 4 years now) but when you start living and working here, you build this routine: work, home, home, work, work, home ......  you really start to narrow your surroundings and wind up with this one track mind set.  what was nice about today was that i really just enjoyed the city.  it was a beautiful day - what you would want to expect from NYC in the fall (sunny, perfect sweater weather).  i was in madison square park killing time and took some pictures of the area.  it's nice to be reminded that New York, despite it's cracked out insanity, is really a beautiful and breathtaking city.  it can all happen in a New York minute.

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