Saturday, October 17, 2009

Muse: Tina Chow

to me,  Tina Chow was this kind of post modern asian-european Holly Golightly.  she hung out with Andy Warhol and Basquiat, was photographed by Scavullo and Newton, and even dated Richard Gere.  she had this sense of style that was super chic and sleek and always strikingly fantastic:  simple shirts and pants during the day and sleek black dresses accented with the pitch-perfect accessories for night.  her hair was gamine short and the makeup pretty pared down but still distinctive and alluring.  during the bigger-is-better 1980s, she stood out for all these right reasons.  i remember my mom had this book FLAIR.  it was about the fashion couture collection of Ms. Chow.  she collected everything from Yves Saint Laurent to Chanel to Balenciaga - so you can imagine what that was like.  the book was great because it had these amazing close up shots of all the pieces.  it was interesting to see how she collected and wore those clothes.  it was very particular and specific to her and her own style - she never was this slave to the fashion machine.  which is what i guess makes someone stylish.

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