Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where It's At

Beck (2005)

i listened to Odelay by Beck a lot during the summer of 1996.
i remember buying the cd from A&B (the big ol' Vancouver music store of the '90s) and not really knowing what the hell was on the cover.  that big scraggly dog-thing jumping over the fence - it was just so strangely fascinating.  i wasn't too familiar with beck then - i remember he did the song Loser a few years before.  but whatever happened, Odelay ended up kind of being some sort of soundtrack to that summer for me.  it's weird when some music defines a period of time for you for whatever reason but whenever i listen to Where It's At i remember 1996.  very Pavlovian reflex i guess.  i did some portraits of Beck in 2005 - i just liked that guy's sense of style.  it was that mix of street dandy and quirk that few guys can pull off.

Beck  (2005)

one of my favorite videos is Devil's Haircut from Odelay.  not really sure what the video was about to be honest but i liked Beck's leather jacket and cowboy hat.  always thought the song would make a great runway song too but that's for another post.
now for some reason can't show the video (dang) but here's the link to Youtube if you care:

so here's another video favorite: a duet with Beck and Jane Birkin of L'Anamour

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