Sunday, October 11, 2009

Paris, October 2009

i went to Paris for the second time this year.
i've been to Paris before when i was probably too young to appreciate it.  and it was only until this year that i truly fell in love with this city.  if New York seduces you, then Paris romances you.  it is just amazing to walk around and be surrounded by all that history and beauty.  no where else in the world do you get to see that.  i'd pretty much walk all around the city.  i stayed on the right bank near Place Vendome and St. Honore.  i was a little familiar with the area having stayed there earlier in the year.  starting your day walking through the Tuleries Gardens, then along the Seine - there is nothing like it.  you feel inspired and excited and imaginative.  i mean, Paris is the epicenter of art and fashion.  you just want to a part of that culture.  it's that Parisienne life that gets ahold of you i imagine.
the trip was a real eye opening experience for me - you realize just how much more there is outside New York City and your small little bubble there.      

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Cristina said...

I agree with you--Paris is a perfect antidote to New York! Living even a few years in NY is a contradictory experience: the whole world is there, but your entire world shrinks to just New York....